Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Dear all,

Young Visionaries is happy to announce that 11 new passionate members have joined our family!

Welcome to the family,guy and gals!

Together we will strive towards a great year filled with fun,meaning and excitement with AIESEC UM and of course our adorable children!

As for now,we are looking for ideas for our programmes and activities with the kids!So,please contribute your great ideas here,feel free to drop lots and lots of comments!! We will collect the ideas here and further discuss it in our brainstorming session!

Dont wait..leave your ideas now! We would love to hear from you!

With Love,

Ying Ling


All Ready!!

Hey people! We are back with more updates!!

1st and foremost..WELCOMING a new member to Young Visionaries!!

Lets give it up for

Ms. Ong Chia Yinn

Congratulations on making the team as Executive Director of Young Visionaries!! We are all so delighted!!

Besides ,we are also looking for new people to join AIESEC and of course to join Young Visionaries and that is why we are going to kickstart our Recruitment Drive starting from 13th till 24th July in Universiti Malaya!!

So all you people out there..keep a look out for us! Be ready to make a difference!

With Love,

Ying Ling

A Brand New Start is HERE!!

Greetings everyone!! Young Visionaries Initiative 09/10  is BACK!!

This time,we are determined to create a bigger impact by reaching out to more underprivileged children and to emulate the wonderful job done by our predecessor,YV Team 08/09!

As for now..the YV Team consisted of Wei Jie, Madhfar and I ,Ying Ling. We are in the midst of preparing for the year spread out in front of us.Hopefully we will be back soon to update you on our upcoming plans!!

At the meantime, we present to you 3 wonderful young people who are making a difference in the children’s lives.They are (from left to right) Beate from Germany, Volodymir from Ukraine and Chisato from Japan who are interns at Agathians Shelter and Rumah Shalom!!

Our 3 YV Interns!!

And not forgetting also Karl Molina from Philippines who went back to his home country this June.We are missing him greatly here!Our best friend and best brother to the kids in Rumah Shalom! It has been YV’s honour to have him here in Malaysia!

Karl with the children!

Thank you all for being a part of  the Young Visionaries family!! We would not have been better without you!!

I’m signing off now..will come back with more the next time!!

With Love,

Ying Ling

1st visit of 2009…. BLAST!!!!

It was one of the most exciting days of the year… Well, atleast for the visionaries team members, it was. After spending approximately 4 months in planning and structuring YV’s vision and execution for 2009, we finally came to that day where we could execute it.

and…… (drumrolls…..)

 It was awesome!!!

With almost 30 volunteers and team members, we brought lots of excitement, joy and fun to the Agathian’s boys, who were now situated at a new house (bigger and definitely, a lot more comfortable, we felt). We were happy that the children had a better home to live in, and we were glad to be able to bring in some joy into their Saturday and extremely grateful that we got to share that joy with them. The first activity, revolved around everything fun and anything icebreaking. We also wanted to create a sense of belonging to the project. Hence, each child spent time making/decorating his own nametag and file.


"I want the red file. and my name tag is very nice right?" :)team members: we want name tags too!!! hehe

intense sword fighting between the kids and team members

intense sword fighting between the kids and team members

"agathians, what is you occupation???!" "aum, aum, aum!!! swordfighters.." hahaha

"agathians, what is you occupation???!" "aum, aum, aum!!! swordfighters.." hahaha

we were lucky to have some volunteers from CIMB join us. Thanks guys for making the whole alot more fun!!

we were lucky to have some volunteers from CIMB join us. Thanks guys for making the whole alot more fun!!

gary, a new boy at the home. one heckuva breakdancer too.

gary, a new boy at the home. one heckuva breakdancer too.

volunteer prakash with nandha and jeeva.

volunteer prakash with nandha and jeeva.

journalling time. " what i enjoyed about today is.... EVERYTHING!! Muaks!!"

journalling time. " what i enjoyed about today is.... EVERYTHING!! Muaks!!"

SURPRISE!!! Birthday cake for Accu!!!!

SURPRISE!!! Birthday cake for Accu!!!!

one big happy YV family!!!!

one big happy YV family!!!!


one word to describe the day: 


thank you everyone for making it perfect.

See you guys again.



A brand New Year, with YV on its tail!

Its a brand new year y’all!

Ushered along with it all the good wishes, and relentless dreams;

Sweet hopes and Young Visionaries 2008/2009!

That’s right, YV is back, bolder and more determined than ever to make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small they might be. It is our hope that the simple measures that we take, the shared laughter, time and thoughts would enrich the lives of the children as much as they would enrich ours.

For each child is unique and special.

And deserve all that life has to offer.

To know more about YV, read on!

“Young Visionaries 2008/2009 is a continuity of a project born in year 2003 by AIESEC in Universiti Malaya. It is aimed to bring better changes to less fortunate, abandoned or orphaned children in orphanages and shelters within the Klang Valley. This term, Young Visionaries focuses on two homes, The Agathians Shelter and Assunta’s Children Society, both located at Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Activities organised fortnightly in both homes will commence in January till April. Activities organised are designed to meet the children’s many developmental needs such as security, confidence, love, amongst many others. Apart from that, international interns from countries such as Japan, Netherlands, Sweden are brought in as volunteers where they live with the children and help them for a duration of 8-weeks.

Young Visionaries is an initiative by the youth for unfortunate children in need. It is a project that aims not just to make a difference in the lives of the children but in the lives of the youth involved. It is aimed to create a sense of responsibility towards the community and the unfortunate, especially children.

We hope that through this initiative the special needs of these unfortunate children will be met and the children will have the opportunity to enjoy a more wholesome development through interactive learning and active participation.”

Watch this space,

YV 08/09 will be blasting through!

And if you would like to join us, come onboard; we welcome you with open arms! =)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yours truly,

The YV 08/09 Team

Our final final final activity

And finally, this is the our video for Agathians Shelter (edited)!!!!

For our last activity, we recycled those unused boards from Career Path 08, coupled with some pictures we developed, and also colour pencils and marker pens and voila!!!

From this…

…and this…

…to finally this!!!

And who dare say that we aren’t artistic!!!

*Beaming with pride*

Look look look!!! It’s FOUR boards total!!!

Our family picture


After that, knowing that it’s the last time we are gonna be there for this term, we bid farewell to every children in the shelter, took one last glance at the orphanage, and left, knowing that it won’t be long before we come back for more activities.



We love the Agathians, and all the other kids from Trinity and Assunta whom we have come to know, and care for in these few months’ time.  =)

Young Visionaries 2007/2008

That’s all for today!!!


Editor :  Thanks Carmen for tagging along. For more pictures please click here.



Our team would like to welcome 


Jessica Uwer


who flew all the way from

 Geneva, Switzerland to Malaysia!!!!


Note: Jessica is here under our exchange programme and she will be working with Agathians Shelter for two months. She came with loads and loads of chocolates and candies for the kids. Weeeeeee~

Where’s she from??

This is where our next intern is from…

Yea I know you gave up at first glance haha… So this is a clearer picture of some landmarks in her country.


No idea where is it? Hmmm… Let’s switch to food then. Her country produces the finest cheese in the world…

… and also the best chocolates!!! (Drooling…)

Geez still no idea? Hmmm… Well cheese fondue originated from their country (the people who created fondue are seriously geniuses!!). Fondue what I hear you ask? Click here then if you’re still blur…

 Oh oh and how can you forget the ever-so-cool Swiss Army Knife!

My my the hints are soOoOoo obvious I swear if you still do now know where she’s from then you might as well just go bang your head against the wall study the world map and find out where Switzerland is. 

Yep, our next intern is from SWITZERLAND!!!! 

Join us on Tuesday for the reception! Whoever’s interested please give the Editor a call at 012-2383212. See ya! Hahaha!!!

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Trinity Children Centre

Yep, this is the video played during our closing ceremony at Trinity Children Centre, edited to include a recap of the last day we spent there. 


We requested for a performance from the kids on that very day, and to our delight they really did perform something for us!!!

Supervised by Miss Wendy, they sang while some played the instruments as accompaniment.  (Hugs~)

And if you’re just too lazy to watch the videos above, here’s a clear picture of what else we did on that day itself.

Thanks to Ruth who joined us that day, and also to Kok Mun who so kind-heartedly lent us his camera.



Editor: On another note, who’s coming next Tuesday? Lookout for our next post to find out!!!! Hehehe…


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Assunta Children’s Society

This is the video we played during the closing ceremony at ACS last week, edited to include highlights of that day itself. Hee Hee…

Are you trying to wave your arms in opposite directions?

Sister Regina: Why do you do that for?
Kevin: Too free, nothing to do. 
Sister Regina: ………..
(These are actually brain exercises. Laughs~*)
Note: Special thanks to Lia, Feli, Lion, Michelle and Nadine for joining us that day. Cheers~*
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